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>> See information under chapter: Drift & vedlikeh.


Fire extinguishers

All apartments are equiped with fire hoses or fire extinguishers.

Fire alarms

All apartments are equiped with firealarm boxes directly connected to the fire brigade.


Frequently asked questions (FAQ)




Bio-bags are used for handling biological waste. The bio-bags are put into the waste containers outside Daleveien 10.


Dogs are supposed to be kept on leach on the premises of the Hanapiren.

Canal Digital

Canal Digital serves Hanapiren with tv-signals and and internet-connection.


The board of the Hanapiren must be informed about any plans of getting an animal/pet.


All buildings and apartments are insured by the Hanapiren. The residents are supposed to take out an house contents insurance, of their own.

Domestic disturbance

Domestic disturbance must be reported to the board of the Hanapiren - less a constructive dialog betveen the neighbours does not solve the problems..


Lost system-keys must be obtained and payed for by the owner, after a written requisition controlled by the board of the Hanapiren.


See: Rules for the owners and residents of Sameiet Hanapiren.


There are one place for each apartment in the parking place in the basement. Further, there are six places for visitors to park their vehicles under building "C".


Old batteries must be replaced by new ones, if the port opener does not function. Lost port openers must be replaced by the owner, after the loss has been reported to the board of the Hanapiren.

Smoke detectors

All apartments are equiped with smoke detectors. The batteries must bee changed once a year.

Water leakage

To prevent damage by water, must all living in the apartments know where to find, and how to turn off the main water tap..

Rules and regulations

See: Rules and regulations of the Sameiet Hanapiren.